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Many lines have been crossed over the past ten years with hair conditioning descriptions, advantages and disadvantes.

Finishing rinses have been replaced with rinse out conditioners, instant conditioning treatments and even conditioning shampoos designed to soften and smoothe while cleansing the hair. It all depends on the hair type, texture, current condition, length, chemical condition (colored, straightened, relaxed, texturized) and ultimate styling goals.

It does no disservice to the cast of “Patriots Day” to note that the film’s most undeniably powerful moments come at the end, when we see footage of the real-life victims who were injured and killed in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. On the heels of “Deepwater Horizon” (which debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival just two months ago) and “Lone Survivor,” Berg tells another tale in which who people are and what they feel is somewhat secondary to how they participate in the action; Berg is more concerned with his characters are, what they do and when they do it.

Would this movie have been more powerful as a documentary? All three films have starred Mark Wahlberg, and while he’s playing different characters in each, his on-screen persona in these movies is basically good-guy-who’s-good-at-his-job, whatever that job happens to be. Tommy Saunders, a role that gives him plenty of “where” (he’s present both at the marathon finish line, where the bombs go off, and at the backyard boat in nearby Watertown where the second suspect was apprehended) and lots of physical action, with a monologue or two thrown in to give him a little heft.

To achieve the big hair, the royal hairdressers would use layers and layers of padding along with pomades and other styling products to lift the young Austrian born queen's hair several feet into the air. It turns out that the Queen was unhappily married to her husband, Louis XVI.

Consequently she chased away her boredom by shopping. Spending lavishly on the latest fashions, jewels and adornments, she exceeded her clothing allowance every year to the horror of the French court and citizens.

Katherine Webb is an American model and Miss Alabama USA 2012. She also appeared in reality show Splash, where celebrities in swimwear are jumping from big height into the pool.

She wore only bikini and held several sports equipment.

But telling the story of the Boston Marathon bombing requires a far-flung ensemble, and even if we don’t get to spend time with many of the players here, Berg and casting directors Sheila Jaffe and Angela Peri load the film with performers who make an instant impact, allowing us to get an immediate feel for the character with a minimum of dialogue while also remembering who’s who from scene to scene.

Check out also measurements of Kate Upton, Kim Kardashian, and Sofia Vergara.

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